Client:Chenega IRA Council
Date:March 21, 2016

Chenega North Subdivision Road Construction, Chenega, AK. $742,000, 2014.

Tutka was contracted by the Chenega IRA Council under a BIA grant to construct a 1,336 feet in length and 24 feet in width North Subdivision Road in Chenega Bay, Alaska.
Upon award we scheduled a meeting to review the plans and discuss the expected outcomes of the project. We provided a schedule of values similar to our cost estimated that was approved by the Chenega’s Tribal Administrator/Executive Director. In addition, we provided a project schedule, materials deliverables and safety plan prior to commencing onsite work.
Throughout the project we will provided daily reports to Chenega’s onsite representative, maintained a photo log of work performed, and tracked costs and quantities according to industry standards.
Construction activities included all aspects of the road including clearing and grubbing, excavation, placement of borrow material, installation on geotextile fabric, culverts placement, seeding, signage, and finish work. Upon completion, Tutka provided As-Built information. We met the project completion deadline of November 15, 2013 by over two weeks.