Client:U.S. Army, Fort Wainwright, AK
Date:October 30, 2012

O&M of Pre-Treatment Systems

Tutka, LLC is responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance, repair, cleaning and pumping of over 40 systems at 28 different buildings on Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  Tutka is responsible for performing inspections, maintenance, repairs, waste oil/sludge removal, and cleaning of oil-water separators, wash water recycling systems, and waste oil tanks, including associated piping, drains, and vaults. Tutka maintains 27 oil-water separators, floor drains, ancillary piping, grit chambers, and pumps out 16 waste oil tanks.  Hazardous and nonhazardous waste and waste oil are containerized and transferred to the designed holding/disposal facility. Tutka performs routine maintenance on three wash water recycling systems, including checking levels, adjustments and water chemistry; recalibrating controllers; cleaning probes, sumps, pits, pumps, floats, injectors, cartridges; backwashing media; and performing all repairs as needed.  Inspections are performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, with pumping and cleaning of systems on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.  Other tasks performed include cleaning, mechanical and electrical repair, general preventative maintenance, and preparing and maintaining O&M manuals for every piece of equipment that is maintained. Tutka continues to work closely with each building/unit operator to ensure proper compliance and training on the systems in an effort to reduce emergency call-outs.   Tutka has seen a 99% reduction in emergency callouts over the past five years due to our approach being “preventative” rather than “reactive.”  Tutka has worked with the Army to develop and implement the overall O&M program and has implemented procedures to ensure waste reduction.  The quantity of waste generated since program inception has went from 450,000 pounds per year to less than 130,000 pounds per year, all while there has been a substantial increase of base personnel, vehicles and building occupants. Tutka has a site specific Health and Safety Plan, and Contractor Quality Control Plan for this contract.  Tutka’s performance was so exceptional on this contract, that we were awarded a new 5-year service contract to continue to perform these services through 2012