Client:FEMA c/o City of Ft. Yukon
Date:March 21, 2016

Construction Management Services; Finger Dikes and Gabion Sea Wall Repair Project, Ft. Yukon, AK. $85,000, 2010.

Tutka prepared the Request for Competitive Proposal document as per 44 CFR 13.36, submitted it to selected contractors for bidding purposes and presented the results to the City of City of Fort Yukon (CFY). The solicitation was prepared solely with information and requirements provided by the City of Fort Yukon and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The solicitation followed the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AK DOT&PF) Standard Specifications for Highway Construction 2004 format.

Tutka performed all Construction Management Activities such as:
• Obtained the intended scope of the construction project from the CFY.
• Attended pre-construction site visit to CFY in order to visualize onsite conditions.
• Attended pre-construction meeting with CFY and FEMA to discuss key constraints and requirement for this project.
• Coordinated the application of required permits listed in the above referenced FEMA application.
• Prepared the letter to FEMA detailing the intended material substitutions from the original design that was required due to the winter schedule that was required on this project.
• Prepared solicitation for construction bids as per specifications provided by CFY and FEMA.
• Documentation of all materials used on project and their origin i.e. gravel, concrete, pre-cast concrete, geo-fabric, gabion baskets, geo-grid.
• Reviewed and approve contractors construction schedule
• Monitored construction schedule to ensure that milestones were being met
• Construction inspection to ensure that construction was consistent with original design
• Point of contact for Contractor
• Reviewed notes from Contractor-provided surveyor to ensure that lines and grades of original dikes are restored.
• Prepared construction progress payments to the contractor and submit to CFY and FEMA
• Final Reporting to FEMA
• Processed final payment to contractor with release of claim
• Reviewed as-builts from contractor