Client:Delta-Salcha Soil & Water Conservation District c/o WH Pacific
Date:March 21, 2016

Delta 12 Mile Low Water Crossing Extension, Delta Junction, AK. $266,000, 1212.

Tutka was contracted to construct a low water crossing across Jarvis Creek on land used by Ft. Greely for training exercises. The work required us to divert Jarvis Creek by digging a 2,000’ long diversion channel, diverting the flow of the creek (river) in to the new channel, perform the work and then re-introduce the water into the original channel. We performed this work in late October when the water flow was lowest in order to minimize erosion and sediment impacts to the Jarvis Creek waterway.
Tutka manufactured the precast concrete mats that were used as the structure of the crossing. These mats consisted of 36” x 36” x 8” concrete blocks that were connected together with ¼” stainless steel wire rope. Steel forms were rented and imported to complete the manufacturing of these pieces. After they were cured, Tutka placed these mats with a loader and an excavator.