Date:March 21, 2016

Denali National Park Dog Kennel Parking and Bus Turnaround; Denali National Park, AK. $1,600,000, 2010-2011.

Tutka realigned the Dog Kennel Access Road and expanded the visitor parking area and bus turnaround at the Denali National Park Headquarters area. Tutka was able to complete heavy civil construction within a sensitive national park, stage work over two seasons with two separate mobilizations and had the ability to work flexibly within the unique National Park Headquarters area as there were daily construction stoppages for Dog Kennel shows.

Work included: clearing, permafrost excavation, borrow A, leveling course, culvert replacement, tundra mat salvage and replanting, paving, striping, signage, surveying.

One interesting item of work on this job was the use of existing native tundra mat vegetation to cover the original road footprint. The tundra mat was cut into 6’ x 6’ squares and lifted gently off the ground with special skidsteer attachments. It was then placed on the old road bed thus creating an instantaneously reclaimed and stabilized area.

In addition, Tutka replaced a large (15 foot diameter X 85 foot length) multi-plate culvert under the Denali Park Road at mile post 7. Full road closure was required so Tutka scheduled the work in the winter after traffic to the park had subsided. A creek diversion and by-pass pumping were required to ensure proper construction and avoid excess sediment entry into the waters of Denali National Park.