Client:USDA/Stevens Village
Date:March 21, 2016

New Landfill Construction and Existing Dump Closure- Stevens Village, Alaska. $815,000, 2012.

Tutka constructed a new, three cell landfill and closed the existing landfill. Equipment was mobilized by barge up the Yukon River. The first phase of the project included the fill and grading work at the new landfill site. In addition to the dirt work, this site included the construction of a new shed, fencing, gating, signage, and the relocation of the existing burn box. This landfill was designed with no excavation (above ground landfill) due to permafrost thawing issues. Gravel was mined from the Yukon River, stockpiled for two years and then placed on the project to create the perimeter berms and interior berms. Berm widths were very narrow so grading, compaction and slope finishing were challenging. The new landfill will have a projected life of over 20 years.

The second phase of the project included the closure of the existing landfill by capping approximately 0.4 acres at the site. The existing waste was consolidated with a minimum grade of 2% and earthen material was used as a cap (minimum of 20” with a 4” soil cover to allow for plant growth). Re-vegetation was performed as a permanent erosion and sediment control measure.

Tutka also provided routine inspections for compliance of the owner and operator’s storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) to ensure compliance with the Alaska Pollution Discharge Elimination System requirements.

Scheduling was a challenge on this job as the job was bid and awarded in late summer of 2012 and the completion date was in late September of 2012. The issue is that the water in the Yukon River recedes in late fall each year and renders in impossible to get a barge into Stevens Village. Therefore, Tutka accelerated our schedule to ensure that equipment and personnel would be able to demobilize from the project in the fall of 2012 and not have to remain in Stevens Village over the winter.

Another challenge for this project was providing bear protection during project activities. Bear population was extreme due to the attraction of bears to the landfill.

One of the successes of this project was that Tutka hired 80% of our workforce locally. We also rented homes from the village members to lodge the remainder of our crews. We hired a local cook as well. The village was very pleased with the overall job performance and end product.