Client:USACE / EPA / NVT
Date:October 26, 2012

Environmental Services, Native Village of Tanacross, Alaska

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Native Village of Tanacross (NVT) have contracted Tutka to provide overall management and guidance for their environmental program.  Our responsibilities involve conducting Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments, site characterizations and field investigations, solid waste management, development of site-specific work plans and health and safety plans, and coordination with multiple agencies for appropriate clearances and approvals.  Multiple agencies and regulations apply to the Tanacross Area Site and Tutka has excelled in the process of obtaining permits, work plan approvals, final reporting, and site close-out with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Land Management, EPA, USACE, and NVT Tribal Members.

Tutka is currently remediating three sites within the NVT as a result of former field investigations.  In 2008, Tutka removed above ground storage tanks related to three separate contaminated sites near the Tanacross Airfield.  A site investigation was condcuted during removal of the tanks, their supporting infrastructure, and associated piping, which confirmed diesel contamiantion above Alaksa Department of Environmental Conservation’s clean-up levels.  The site was remediated by removing and disposing of contamianted soil and backfilling with clean material.  Twelve groundwater monitoring wells were installed to monitor natural attenuation in the area.  The wells are on a three-year monitoring schedule and are sampled by Tutka semi-annually.  In the first year of sampling, the wells demonstrated that natural attenuation is occuring and contaminants in groundwater are decreasing.  The expected outcome for the three sites is closure with no off-site product migration and reduction of levels through natural attenuation.