Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program (NALEMP); Federal Funding May be Available for YOUR Tribe!

Did you know that you may qualify for Federal Assistance under the NALEMP Program?  The NALEMP program was developed in 1996 by the Department of Defense (DoD) to address environmental issues from past DoD activities on native lands.  This program provides a unique opportunity for Native Communities to not only address the impacts from past DoD activities on their lands, but also develop their own environmental programs and expertise.

Tutka has worked with several native villages across the state to assist them in receiving funding and helping them manage their NALEMP grants.  Tutka understands the NALEMP process and we can help guide your tribe through each step of the process to successfully receive the necessary funding to build an environmental program for your tribe as well as address the environmental impacts your tribe may have.  By working with many villages, Tutka is sensitive to issues of cultural and economic importance with indigenous people and we understand the importance of taking stewardship to your lands and the way of life for Native cultures and we take great pride in supporting this goal for villages and communities.

Funding opportunities for the NALEMP program are fast approaching and we wanted to reach out to the villages, tribes and communities to make sure they do no miss out on this funding opportunity.  A pre-proposal deadline to request funding for the program will begin in the month of August and September and it is necessary for your tribe to turn in a pre-proposal request if you would like to be considered for this funding.  We assist many tribes in acquiring the NALEMP funding and we are also very experienced working with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), who administrates the grant for the DoD, and we would be able to assist your tribe from the application process, to grant management, to the completion of field activities.